Making Aroma purse (

Making Aroma purse (Korean women’s needle work)




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Practical information

Duration : 2 hours 

Language : Limited proficiency in English

Distance from subway station : 1.1km (The meeting point is some distance away from the subway station)


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  10% - 14days before, 20% -13 to 8 days before, 100% - 1week to departure day.


Day 1

Making Aroma purse (Korean women’s needle work)

Aroma purse, a Korean traditional ornament worn as popular Norigae (plaything) by women during the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910), was made together with aroma inside of itself. 

Originally jewelry products put on around the waist were derived from the customs of the nomadic people in the northern Asia who carried swords, wet stones needed for their actual lives, but as time had passed by, it had developed to be all kinds of side ornaments during Koryo Dynasty (918-1392). However, during the Joseon dynasty upper garment of women got to be short, so it was worn on the surface of the upper garment to make it look better.  

Although the shapes of aroma purses were various, their roles were totally identical.  

You will learn Korean needle work skills from the master.

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