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Director storytelling with pictures of Norangdari (yellow bridge) Art museum









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• What to bring: PC, laptop or mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.)

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• Cancellation and change exhibition 2 days before the start of the trip: 50% of the payment fee is deducted.

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Day 1

Director storytelling with pictures of Norangdari (yellow bridge) Art museum

Norangdari Art Museum

Norangdari Art museum in a café style established on May 15, 2016 on the site of 3000 Pyeongs(one pyeong is 3.3 square meters) is the first art space focused on practicality of reality rather than the concept of Mullaly. It is composed of total 5 exhibition halls with landscape architecture equivalent to a botanical garden. It is a place exhibiting 100 or so works, representing Mr. Son’s life- long dream for which he devoted himself to manufacturing all the attractions and space for pleasure indoors and outdoors.

• Introduction of the Director (Mr. Son, Ilgwang)

- The first generation designer in Korea 

- An Avant-gardist and Installation Artist 

- Hosted the first street fashion show in 1970 in Korea. 

- Designed the wedding dress and groom’s suits for the famous songstress (Ms.Petty Kim) and song composer (Mr. Gil, Okyun), called as a wedding ceremony of the century. 

- with wastepaper into a work.

- invited designer to 88 Summer Olympic Seoul, designed preposterous Robot dress .

- Was a core member of the 4th group, Korea’s the first Avant-gardist group. 

- Received Korea’s Great Arts Award 2018

- Currently director of Norangdari Art Museum. 

Introduction of work

Cheomseungdae (Astronomical Observatory)     


Langlois Bridge

Definition of Pythagoras 


The gate of the lip

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