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Demilitarized Zone, only exist in Korea. The world 11th economy by GDP is still on ceasefire. It is not finished yet. They guard against each other on only 8 km distance. But it is the most wanted visit places of foreigners visiting Korea. How irony is that? You don¡¯t have to worry about safety. More than one million people are visiting this place and even US president and Hollywood movie stars are visiting this place as well.

Due to the COVID 19, we proceed with an online tour through ZOOM.

The tour time is KST(UTC+09:00)


Professional guide commentary through local live video


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- PC, laptop or mobile device (smartphone, tablet etc.)

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Every Friday at 09:00 in Korea time

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• What to bring: PC, laptop or mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.)

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Day 1

Imjingak Resort

The Unification Park displays the importance of peace and the environment. Imjingak Resort has several monuments such as the Baengmagoji Station, Diplomatic Martyrs Memorial Tower, Mangbaedan Alter, Freedom Bridge, a pond in the shape of the Korean peninsula, Peace Bell, and the Monument Dedicated to the US Military. Every year many events for unification are held at Imjingak. It is now one of the more famous DMZ tourist spots for foreigners because it is possible to visit without going through any security check points. * Freedom Bridge is located at 2 kilometers north of Munsan, and it is the only path that connects between the south and north around Imjin river. It was originally the Kyung-eu railway bridge, and reconstructed to the road bridge later.


After 36 years of Japanese colonial era rule, our country was liberated on Aug 15, 1945, thanks to the sacrifices of service personnel who fought for the nation’s independence and the end of the Second World War. Before decision of the powerful nations, regardless of the desire of our people. Five million people left their home in the north, where they had lived for generations, to avoid the Soviet army and the North Korea Communist Party’s persecution and brutalities. The refugees built a temporary altar at Imjingak on every Chuseok (Korean Thanks giving day), held an event to honor their ancestor and parents who they had left behind in North Korea, and longed for a permanent altar. The Mangbae pagoda at the center represents the earnest longing for the reunification of country and prayers for the welfare of those in North Korea.

Steam Locomotive at Jangdan Station of the Gyeongui Line

The steam locomotive is a symbol of the tragic history of the division into North and South Korea, having been left in the DMZ since it got derailed by bombs during the Korean War. After having been recognized its historical value and having become Registered Cultural Heritage in 2004, it is exhibited at the present locaction. Accoding to the train operator at that time, the train was backed due to the intervention of the Chinese Communist Forces on the way to Pyeongyang to deliver war materials and it was finally destroyed at Jangdan Station. More than 1,020 bullet holes of the locomotive and its bent wheels show the cruel situation at the time.

Freedom Bridge

Freedom Bridge is located at 2 kilometers north of Munsan, and it is the only path that connects between the south and north around Imjin river. It was originally the Kyung-eu railway bridge, and reconstructed to the road bridge later.

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