D.M.Z Morning Tour

D.M.Z Morning Tour




Every day





Guide, Transportation, Admission Fee, Hotel pick up service​


Personal Expenses. Travel insurance, All not to be mentioned above itinerary


1. DMZ Tour is closed on Mondays and National Holidays.

2. Tour can be canceled according to unstable weather status of the tour day or unexpected situation which is able to be happened in DMZ.​

* Confirmed schedule is subject to change due to local circumstance as like weather, traffic, big events and season

* Above programs are based on joint Sit-in-Coach guided by bilingual speaking guide (English-Korean)

* Final booked number of pax can be subject to season or date. 

* Size of vehicle is subject to number of Pax on the travelling date

* Kindly note that we have no responsibility for your personal incidents and losses during all the tours.

* After the tour, you’ll be dropped off at Itaewon area.Back to your hotel by taxi (on your own, with assistance of the guide) or public transportation 

Cancellation policy

Group (more than 10 persons)

> Paid 90days ~ 1month : 30% / 1month ~ 15days : 50% / 15days ~arrival date : 100%

FIT (less than 9 persons) > Paid deposit~14days : 10%  / 14days ~ 8days : 20% / 1week ~ arrival date : 100%


Day 1

Meeting And Departure

Pick-up at your hotel.

(The pick up time depends on the hotel you are staying at.)

DMZ Tour

● Imjingak Park
Imjingak was built in 1972 with the hope that someday unification would be possible. Over 400 photos and documents showing the stark reality of North Korea are displayed in the North Korea Center of Unification Board. Outside Imjingak, there are 12 unique tanks and warcrafts on display that were used during the war.

● The 3rd infiltration tunnel(Dorasan Observatory)
The 3rd Tunnel was discovered in 1978 by South Korean forces. It spans over 1,635m in length, 2m in width, and 2m in height and is located 52km from Seoul. It is estimated that approximately 30,000 soldiers could move through the tunnel per hour. Only 44 kilometers or, less than an hours drive, from Seoul, the third tunnel was discovered in October 1978. Almost identical in structure to Tunnel Ⅱ, the 1.635 kilometer-long tunnel, 1.95 meters high and 2.1 meters wide, penetrates 435 meters south of the Military Demarcation Line at a point only 4 kilometers south of the Truce Village of Panmunjom. It runs through bedrock at a depth of about 73 meters below ground. Capable of moving a full division per hour, plus their weapons, it is evidently designed for a surprise attack on Seoul.

● Dora Observatory, Dorasan Station
52 years of anticipation, waiting for the day when the two countries will be united once again. Dorasan station, the northernmost station in South Korea, has planned to connect the Gyongueisun(Line) and it will be linked to the European continent via the Siberian Railway.

Transfer to Seoul City Hall

You will be drop off at Seoul City Hall (please back to your hotel on your own by a taxi or subway or on foot after enjoying the city street) 

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